She posted about her love of life and love of her 5 year old

She posted about the mundane.

She posted to both connect with those she loved and update those she wanted more from.

Her mind was filled with memories of being in love, feeling the embrace of the man of her dreams..

the warm touch of his skin, and she wondered, I imagine, if she would ever feel him or someone like him again.

She was a single mom and to her son she was perfect and all he needed.

Her mind was filled with the memories of her own childhood, the influence of the heat that only someone growing up in the desert of Arizona would understand.

Her mind was filled with her secret dreams that only her closest friends knew, but they were dreams that would lift you up and make you stand tall if you heard them. They made her stand tall.

Most of all her mind was filled with every moment she saw her son breath and laugh and cry. Every moment she saw her son become the young boy he is and the man he would become.

The first moment her son smiled at her, kissed her, walked with her, held her hand.

And then on The day she spent so much enthusiastic time posting about the woman’s soccer game, she got in her car to go from point A to point B. A simple trip, the kind we all do whenever we just get up and need to run a quick errend.

And as she was driving down the hot freeway which cuts through the center of Tuscan another car driven by another driver, this one, not as concerned with the sun that rose that morning or the moon that was about to shelter the night from darkness, this one, driving in the completly opposite direction was about to make impact and end the life that until that very nano second, that very moment still stood talll with her dreams.

Her five year old would no longer have his mother’s embrace, her friends would no longer have her laughter.

The fact that this tragedy happened on that day, and not the day before, or the year before that, or 6 years before that, was the only thing which remained.

And I remembered the words of Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel when he looked out into a conference room filled with a thousand people listening to his every breath and said, this morning there was a miracle. Did you see it? Silence grew even deeper to understand what the miracle was.

And he just simply acknowledged:

The sun rose.

and the day began.