he was six, maybe just seven

I remember where my spirit was before I was born

Really? Where? she asked.

Well, I think it was in George Washington.

We just listened, trying to understand where this was going.

I can’t remember exactly, It was either in George Washington, or this is my first life on earth.

You know, I have special powers.

I can see colors inside of people.

As my son kept talking, my mind drifted to a thousand places. It started with a desire to explain why I was sure he’d been here before. I then wondered who he was to me in past lives. And then thought if I could remember any of mine. As he kept talking, I remembered Laurie telling me about master souls who just guide us from above and every once in a while choose to come down and experience what it’s like to be human. This concept was something she had read in a book.

And I sat there, listening to this little thing tell me about his super powers and I asked him:

How did you get your super powers?

It started one night after I ate the spicy pickle.

and then what happened, I asked

Then I needed to fight off big bird in my sleep, cause you know how scared of him I am, and I needed to get it out of my system.

Yes, we know.

Can I sleep with you and mommy tonight?

Of course, she said.

And we all rolled off to sleep, not knowing what part of what was real or a dream.