I have been awake dreaming of my next experience
of a place I only discovered later in life but knew before I entered this world

It has become for me a metaphor for feeling whole and complete
Safe, and secure where I can breath the air on the mountain trails discovering
everything new which while it has existed for all time,
I seem to see and find more of it each and every visit

I have been awake dreaming of the trees on the mountain
and the sound of the stream rolling down the hill side,
like sweetness on your lover’s back.
Tracing the tears the body cries when it feels hot,
tired but more alive then it could imagine

I have been awake dreaming
of all the moments where I can sit in silence and hear my own thoughts
drift into the thoughts of the lake,
and the wind and the breeze that only that place holds for me

And when I wake from my dream,
it feels like I shut down to the clutter in my mind
and only realize then how asleep I must be.