(Spanish translation available here: Hijo mío, hijos míos)

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(Music accompaniment by Alex Cigolini)

My son my sons listen to me, I need to tell you something:

That we are here to just
love – purely,
enjoy – thoughtfully,
embrace – empathetically,
forgive – generously,
search – spiritually,
and learn – completely.

My son my sons listen to me, I need to tell you something.

I believe in magic but the type of magic I believe is not the one done with the hands and the cards and the coins, that magic is but a game, a game I love to play. The Magic I believe in exists in your heart and your soul and it flies with you, when your spirit remembers how to disconnect from what grounds you to this earth.

There’s more: I need you to know that you once knew all of this. You forgot.

You understood it better than I understand it now.

When you were a little kid you knew that the soul existed, you used to talk about it. You used to tell me things that you saw and felt and heard. but you forgot. Your baby brother still knows. But he may forget by the time he is your age as well, It’s up to us to help him remember.

So many of us seem to forget.

I am doing everything I can to remember now.

Every time I tell you to be serious, every time I tell you not to fool around, every time I tell you to do something because as an adult I have an absurd perspective on what it means to “do the right thing”. All those times, I tell you all those things, when I get frustrated over nothing –

I tell you because I forget. And you look at me and you look at me – blankly and it’s because in those moments I forget my magic, my soul magic and I live purely in my ego.

I happen to also know deep inside, that we are here to just:

love – purely,
enjoy – thoughtfully,
embrace – emphatically,
forgive – generously,
search – spiritually,
and learn – completely.

It is my desire my sons for you to understand how to take that magnificent energy that makes up every molecule of your body and allow it to expand farther than your mind understands what expansion is.

It is my desire my sons, for you to know what love is, but not love dampened by fear and ego, love that is truly endless that you were born with, that you carry with you in your smile, and that you dance with in those moments you don’t think about dancing, but just move to the music that strengthens your soul.

It is my desire my sons, that you recognize God inside you, and recognize the power you have over the mountains, and the air, and the sun, and the power those very things have on you – and your body.

And that you have been given this great gift of life not to be oppressed nor oppress,

but to fly with the wings you’ve set aside while learning through this avatar that we call the human form.

It is my desire my sons, that only peace be taught from your lips and that only inspiration be given to you.

My son my sons, if I am successful in only one teaching, it is that I am your student, and we are together on a journey and here there is nothing that is right nor anything that is wrong. There is just teachings and these teachings will allow our vibration to grow and expand. Expand into the oneness that we are all a part of.

Please don’t forget, break the habit of the human experience, stand up straight and always speak the truth and love everyone that doesn’t know how to love, and love them even more than those who speak in your voice.

You and your brother are everything I have ever desired, and you need to remind me to pay attention, when I forget, when I forget, because I hurt so much, because I forget too often.

I Love you – Kisses and blessings.

Your father.