I love writing prose poetry and discussing the unknowns of the universe.

Here’s where I get to share some of that with you.

Enjoy exploring.

My Son My Sons

My son my sons listen to me, I need to tell you something:

That we are here to just
love – purely,
enjoy – thoughtfully,
embrace – empathetically,
forgive – generously,
search – spiritually,[…]

That’s What I Do

I want to be at one with the universe.

and my angel told me if I were truly at one with the universe I wouldn’t feel love or taste the tears when my eyes weep

and if I were one with the universe I wouldn’t be surprised by the chill delight of a strawberry in the heat of a summer’s day


The Eyes of God

As a gift sung by an angel on my shoulder,
For our sons and daughters that they should not forget:

The eye’s of God do not see edges.

Despite what many different things in religious texts
or what other books might say.


Find Me Please

I first heard you
when I was on a journey searching my soul
looking for our earth
from the perspective of the universe.


Science & Religion

Science is merely the representation of the limits of our logical self and

Religion is the representation of the limits of our spiritual self.


The Girl that Hugged the Moon

When I fall in love…
it will feel like I am sleeping in,
and jumping out of a plane at the same time.


Just Love

After he died, he was asked if he had any messages he wanted to share.
“I would say ‘I love you’ more often.”
but you said it a lot,
and – you were heard.
“but I didn’t say it in every breath,
instead I said it only when it came to mind.”


Imagine a Being

Imagine a being filled with pure unadulterated love of the magnitude no earthly human has ever felt or possibly envisioned.

Imagine that being who stands tall and full in a vertical stature living among other beings of the same kind with plump kindness…


Awake and Dreamy

I have been awake dreaming of my next experience
of a place I only discovered later in life but knew before I entered this world

It has become for me a metaphor for feeling whole and complete…


Last Night

Last night as I began to get ready for bed….

my entire being felt as though I had been deceived by who I am and more than that – where I actually exist.

My heart rate faster than usual as I felt sure my deception was accurate and all I could do was hug my kids and ask them if I am really here.


Good Morning

I want to be the Now that lifts the world up and makes it spin.

I want to be the Now that tells politicians they are not fighting for us but for themselves.

And when they fight me back I want to be the Now that puts the mirror in front of their face; and makes them speak to the skeleton that they see.


Starting in the Middle

I asked her how she was
and she wasn’t quick to respond.
she waited longer than one normally does
and I realized she was deciding if she was going to
start in the middle
or just tell me everything was fine.
“I feel death around us,” she said.


Falling Star

How did we get so lucky
to have this beautiful star fall to us?
she said.

You mean a star fell and went into mommy’s tummy and then it became me?


Protect My Heart

“I need you to protect my heart,” he said, after only knowing her a short time.
“I will. And I need you to protect mine.”
He didn’t say, “Spend your life with me,” it was too early to vocalize those words.
And she didn’t say, “Make love with me.”


The Sun Rose

She posted about her love of life and love of her 5 year old

She posted about the mundane.

She posted to both connect with those she loved and update those she wanted more from.


The Girl and Her Angel

Show me what you love, his spirit said to the little girl stuck in the space she imagined she needed to live.

She gently took his hand and led him to the bike…


I See You

I see who you are and what it means
to walk on four legs and protect the world.

a healer once told me your
white stripe meant


The Poet and the Comedian

The difference between a comedian and a poet is that a comedian finds something in the world representative of something we can all identify with and shows us the humor in it – that ultimately allows us to laugh at ourselves.