When I read him the poem

he looked at me,



in that moment, he understood more than I did.

It was a look that had centuries of learning behind it,

complete and beautiful acceptance of every breath I had just read.

He was my mentor, my guide,

understanding the silence between the words,

his soul understood.

This happens quickly, the soul does not need time to understand.

I am sure you know what I am talking about

It’s an understanding you’ve had in a split second of what someone else was

saying, or a situation you observed. If you’re lucky you keep that understanding and you don’t loose it.

It’s the moment you fall in love,

the moment you know what is right, and what is wrong.

the moment the universe yells to you:

“we are in sync, you remember me!”

You’ve experienced it, and you know what I am talking about.

The soul is always in that moment. It breathes in and understands the the beat between the spaces as well as the spaces. It doesn’t question, it just beats.

Its reaction is immediate and honest.

Who would we be as a people if that moment would last, and be understood by us?

He then put his head into the bend of my neck, hugging me,

and squeezing me.

And then,

his consciousness took over and asked

“What did it mean?”

I thought of the world –

and understood one day, in lifetimes far ahead of ours,

we would have those understandings stay with us,

but until then,

I will just soak up those times my son looks at me in that way

and puts his head in the bend of my neck.