I see who you are and what it means

to walk on four legs and protect the world.

a healer once told me your

white stripe meant

you were a warrior in a past life.

I understand that.

I hear you in the night fighting

the other four legged creatures

outside our door

and I feel you beside me, keeping my heart

rate in rhythm with yours.

I understand your cries

at night, while you sleep

and recognize them for what they are –

discussions with all those who have been here

and are now gone

but with whom you continued to be tethered.

you and I share a common language

and when others hear us speak they think

how amazing it is I understand you,

but my understanding is a lie

it is you that understands what I am trying to say.

I give you food and take you for walks

you take me into a world

where life is black and white

while also

filled with opportunity.

I grab for things

and you teach me how to wait for them

you jump using all four of your legs

and I have a hard time remembering how to jump,

just using two of mine.