Imagine a being filled with pure unadulterated love of the magnitude no earthly human has ever felt or possibly envisioned.

Imagine that being who stands tall and full in a vertical stature living among other beings of the same kind with plump kindness that penetrates their bodies and their warm soul waiting and wanting to help anyone and everyone they meet.

Imagine those very same beings on a planet which was made for them by them so that their society of pure acceptance was matched only by their cerebral ability to use the universal language of the galaxy the language of our foremost scholars, of Newton, and Einstein – mathematics. So advanced in their thought that their numbers add up to the same existence as what our spiritualist dream of but don’t know how to quantify.

And now imagine, that these very beings see us, our births, our deaths, our transitions – our passings our trespassing, our wars, our loves, our hatred, our ability to both feel the laughter and the sadness and the fear, all too much fear that causes all our division and destruction. They see it all.

Imagine what they must think of us in those eyes they hold upon us.  Imagine.

They feel what they know and understand: they feel simply love, a love for us which we yet understand we have the ability to feel for ourselves. They can’t feel anything other than that, not because they are incapable of multi-dimensional feeling, but because for them the feeling is both heart and mind understood. They have no question of the existence of the one power and one all knowing journey which we are all on.

They sit with the angels out of body and drink tea and discuss with them as peers rather than learn from them as teachers. They simply choose to be within body at times, and at times outside of body. For them death simply means transition and they celebrate the love of the freedom such a death creates, never to mourn it for one second. For them there is no illness to treat no disease to fight, no vaccine to take. They simply live purely for the sake of life for the sake of love for the sake of creating more love.

When they wish to pro-create their love is so strong, and so powerful, they merely need to come together to procreate simply by intention and their young evolves in their womb at a rate that is 80 times faster than the 9 months it takes us because when creating just from love, everything happens faster than we know how to imagine.

So advanced is their world that they see us and we have no knowledge that they even exist. So enlightened is their world that what we imagine as sacred they know as everyday. So unique is their world that what we yearn for and desire to become, they have no understanding of other than to accept and acknowledge.

And yet, with all this imagination of a truth I know on some level must exist, today, when I woke up, I was told that my cousin in his young fifties chose to say “yes” to his passing and transitioned from this earthly place. His young body dead to the world leaving only his soul to feel the path he is now on. Leaving his gentle wife and young son to fulfill their dreams without him in physical form.

And while I can’t seem to make any sense of this and my deep sadness for the relationship I didn’t build upon and the man I didn’t know I should find time to hug, I can only imagine what a being who only understands love and the power of acceptance would whisper in my ear.

And as I turn softly to my left and my two year old pulls me into his breath to kiss my cheek, I realize beyond words that such a being holds me just as I would be held in the presence of our friends on a planet I’ll never get to visit. And in those moments I understand that there can’t be anything other than love, because I can’t look into my child’s eyes and recognize anything other than his pure acceptance.