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Dear Friend

Remember when you led me into those realms of knowledge I had yet to discover in this life - Remember how you gently laid the path for me and hundreds upon hundreds of others to learn to surrender to our innocence and simply breathe in the work of the masters you brought to our minds [...]

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Find Me Please

Below is the audio (via SoundCloud), the visual (via Vimeo), and the written poem is below that. I first heard you when I was on a journey searching my soul looking for our earth from the perspective of the universe. I wanted to understand the all there is and [...]

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Hijo mío, hijos míos

(English translation available here: My Sons My Sons) Hijo mío, hijos míos Escrito por David Straus Hijo mío, hijos míos escúchenme, debo decirles algo: Que nos encontramos aquí solamente para amar- puramente, disfrutar- conscientemente, acoger- empáticamente, perdonar- generosamente, buscar- espiritualmente, y aprender- plenamente. Hijo mío, hijos míos escúchenme, necesito decirles algo. Creo en la magia, pero [...]

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my capture of you

No matter how many times I take your picture No matter how many different ways I take it I can’t seem to capture you I can’t seem to hold your smell your skin your warmth I feel when we hug No matter what I do, to make you stay here I understand staying is not [...]

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falling star

How did we get so lucky to have this beautiful star fall to us? she said. You mean a star fell and went into mommy’s tummy and then it became me? Yes, exactly I said. Then he thought for a long moment and whispered, “That’s why my eyes are so sensitive.”

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I want you to stand

I want you to stand up, he said, with hesitation and the passion that comes from remembering and watching his first love discover who she is and what she might be to the world and to him. But she doesn’t stand because she’s afraid to divulge more of herself and how that might effect the [...]

ode to leonard

If I could sing I would sing like Leonard, my voice deep with lust for the words that softly spill from my tongue, like a deep kiss that you can’t stop breathing in. If I could play, I would play like Coltrane, Hawkins and Washington, moving my fingers as extensions to my soul, pressing down [...]

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the soul understood

When I read him the poem he looked at me, deeply, silent, in that moment, he understood more than I did. It was a look that had centuries of learning behind it, complete and beautiful acceptance of every breath I had just read. He was my mentor, my guide, understanding the silence between the words, [...]

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i remember george washington

he was six, maybe just seven I remember where my spirit was before I was born Really? Where? she asked. Well, I think it was in George Washington. We just listened, trying to understand where this was going. I can’t remember exactly, It was either in George Washington, or this is my first life on [...]

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The Girl that Hugged the Moon

When I fall in love… it will feel like I am sleeping in, and jumping out of a plane at the same time. I can’t wait to tell the person I am supposed to be with, that I love him! But I can’t seem to get a date with the right one. Don’t be attached [...]

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