Remember when you led me into those realms of knowledge I had yet to discover in this life –

Remember how you gently laid the path for me and hundreds upon hundreds of others to learn to surrender to our innocence and simply breathe in the work of the masters you brought to our minds and to our hearts.

We became the vessel for your own channeling of historic art, religion and culture – we traveled to your worlds in your time and understood them from your heart because it was only through your heart you understood what it meant to teach us but you always understood how to allow us to discover rather than just passively be told – discovered each in our own way, with our own inspiration, knowing if we took those steps into the unknown you would be there, there to catch us when we fell, and more importantly teach us how to catch ourselves.

At stake was nothing less than our own empowerment, our own self consciousness, our own knowledge to understand our capabilities and believe in what we would discover under your mentorship.

You disguised yourself merely as a mortal, like we disguise ourselves, every moment of every day, since the moment we are conceived and this disguise that wraps around our true existence, like a glue, stays with us until the moment we transition once again into the unknown.

The unknown we’ve known so many times in the past, and have in the future.

But you never failed us for forgetting,

you only gently led us to remember

and help us find a way for us to articulate our understanding.

It was hard to be wrong in front of you and empowering to try.

Now, my dear friend, teacher, mentor – it seems to be your time to step into what you fear as the unknown, maybe a time that is yet still more than a decade away.

Something you need to hear and I need to say.

Or possibly a time that is much shorter and if the latter is the truth your awareness of it has created your most inner self to be startled into a wizzy confusion of not knowing

and fear of what will become.

But the irony here can’t be lost on either one of us because you spent your life guiding all of us through the very same fear of the unknown.

And now, you are being guided, I promise, you are being guided like you can’t imagine. And all you need to remember is that you have been here before.

You have not just been the teacher, you have been the student.

You have been the father, the brother, the uncle the son.
To more than you can ever understand you are the second father because in our faith to teach is as to give birth.  Oh how you taught, you taught in how you lived and now even in how you carry yourself through death.  You taught in your gentle embrace and in your captivating laugh, you taught because for you teaching had nothing to do with the classroom, it had to do with real human connection, that connection that had love as it’s foundation.  Now through that same love you will continue to inspire thought to thousands more simply because you chose to give that love unconditionally.
You have transformed lives and you have created images for generation after generation after generation of young souls who didn’t know they were looking to you for guidance but discovered their path because of your generosity.
As you make your transition there is nothing to be afraid of.  You have been here before.
You have opened doors that your body has walked through and just prior to that step –  to that jump, how did you feel, what was on your mind, in your heart, in your soul.

How did it resolve itself ?  The moment you left your parents home for the first time, the moment you created a life for yourself without those you knew – those moments of uncertainty – how did those moments resolve themselves.  The ground was always beneath your feet even in those moments you were uncertain of how steady the ground would be.

It has been your choice in this life to admire more the practical realm, that realm that allowed you to embrace the pragmatism of the thought rather than the breath of Antonio Machado’s poetic heart that discovers the knowingness of the bee hive the aqueduct and God.

In this life, you fully, in control over your contract are now embracing what it may mean to truly surrender to what your higher self has never forgotten.  You are loved, and you are love and you will have always have been cared for. I know this, as I know I entered your classroom for a reason, and that I will once again be your student and you will be mine.

When that moment comes where you choose to transition, come find me, find the higher self that will be there waiting for your embrace, because I will lead you to your mother and father and brother, I will show you their love of you –

and you will know, even before I remember why, I am here for you, my teacher my friend.

And one day, I will join you once again, and we will make a decision, in what time at which part our universal history will we once again play and I will walk into your office and pick up a toy and we will smile and you will simply ask, do you know where that’s from ?  And I’ll remind you – exactly where it is indeed.

Thank you for the privilege of being your student and your friend.