I want to be the Now that lifts the world up and makes it spin.

I want to be the Now that tells politicians they are not fighting for us but for themselves.

And when they fight me back I want to be the Now that puts the mirror in front of their face; and makes them speak to the skeleton that they see.

And I want to make them push that skeleton aside and then speak their ghost.

And when they are done I want them to push the ghost aside
and speak to their soul.

And then and only then, I will take that mirror and lay it down
and allow them to speak to me and to my friend and to my friend’s friend.

And just like the game
the six degrees will allow their voice to speak to my world, your world, our world.

I want to be the Now that stops evil in it’s tracks and says now now Now look!

Don’t act behind you,
don’t desire in front of you,
don’t argue to the side of you,
but be the Now be Now.

What are you doing now?
Don’t you realize – what is happening
to the should you are perpetuating?

What has happened to the baby you were when you were born?

I want to be the Now that can take the rock and squeeze it in your mother’s hand to generate the milk we need to feed the world.

The breath we need to fill our lungs.

The inspiration we need to dream.

I want to be the Now that lifts this planet far above my head
but I want to be on the planet that is being lifted
and I want to say to the world:

Listen to me, because I speak the truth! I speak the truth. I speak the truth…

But right now, it’s 5 AM, and all those things were just a flash of spirit that flew above me while I was sleeping.

I reached up and tried to grab what I could, so I could, at the very least, share some of it with you.

And I looked outside, the lights of my house were automatically turning off to let room for the light of the sun fill my front yard.

It’s almost time to wake up my son
and just be sure
that he always understands the difference he can make by just honestly wishing his friends:

Good morning.