“I need you to protect my heart,” he said, after only knowing her a short time.

“I will. And I need you to protect mine.”

He didn’t say, “Spend your life with me,” it was too early to vocalize those words.

And she didn’t say, “Make love with me.”

He didn’t tell her about all the things he dreamed of and how he wanted to lift her above the sky and carry her to the top of the first mountain he saw.

She only had moments thus far where she whispered stories into his ear about who she was, and what she dreamed of. He didn’t know yet she planned to heal the world.

But with that one simple request, “protect my heart” nothing else needed to be said.

The design of a potentially perfect relationship began.

And I wondered, what would happen, if world leaders and heads of state spoke to each other with such clarity and vulnerability.
Imagine the promise:
Protect my heart and I’ll protect yours.