Like a rock star strumming his guitar while singing the song that was internalized completely and flows from his soul as he sings of his heart beating faster and faster….

and as I look into my angel’s eyes I see the reflection of my self snd I imagine the ground below me as I float above my love and our son sleeping, holding the space of night.

In their dreams they know I am right there with them, feeling the coolness of the sheets tossing the blankets back as the heat creeps in from the hot outdoors.

And while my tether is always connected to them I seem to be free to fly to all the souls I love, and in those moments, I defy both time and space and even the wound that jealousy creates in our human bodies.

And the Rock Star continues to sing and sing louder and louder and with each beat I float higher and higher

The time in this space are filled with pure moments on top of pure moments, the type that can overload the soul with the inspiration that would make even Goliath lay down his sword and look gently inside the man or woman in front of him lifting his ungentled hand to caress their skin only to test to see if he is still human and if she remains as delightful as she was in his dreams.

looking into his eyes they connected on a level that was too close to acknowledge openly

and the heart of the Rock Star continues with a strum of his guitar, Faster, Faster. He can’t get enough, so the strumming become more and more intense, turning over and under until he can no longer control the rate of his heart beat.

And then he saw beyond her skin and felt that one more second would divulge what he’s been hiding because it would be unsafe to verbalize anything more then I love you.

And then I looked up, walking out of the spotlight to put my shining black guitar down, on the edge of the stage and slowly but with complete confidence float right back to where I belong inside myself and the family I’m in love with.